Sunday, November 16, 2008

A little thinking from me

Today was church. I teach the 9 and 10 year olds and I absolutely love them. I've been reflecting on the past year I've been their teacher. They've grown up so much in the year. They don't crawl under the chairs, wrap their coat around their head, sit on stacks of chairs, chit chat during the lesson (and yes those are all things they did among other things). They're just good kids.

These kids ask good questions. They give thoughtful answers. They bring their scriptures. Today every one of my kids had their scriptures - I have to say I was one pleased teacher. They read their scriptures. One little girl told me today that she's been trying to read her scriptures everyday. Reading the scriptures with them and explaining the Book of Mormon to them is just an amazing experience. I get to help them learn to love the scriptures and the gospel.

I've always said it's a priviledge to teach in primary and I honestly think that. I have a hard time with people who think it's punishment. I can't think of any place I'd love more than to be with the kids. When I go home to AZ to visit and I sit in Relief Society and I can hear the kids sing the primary songs it just puts a smile on my face and warms my heart and it makes me want to run into the primary room and sing with them. I love it!!

So today after I taught my lesson I had bought each of them a picture of Jesus Christ and the children. We had a lesson a couple weeks ago about when Jesus visited the Nephites and blessed the children. I wanted them each to have a picture of Jesus and the children so they would remember that he loves them. So as I pulled out these pictures to hand out to "my kids" I told them that I wanted them to remember "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you very much. If they were here they'd put their arms around you and give you a hug and bless you. They can't be here so they've given us parents and leaders and teachers to love you and teach you the gospel so we can be happy." And then I told them how much I loved being their primary teacher and how much I loved each of them and by then I was just crying.

I truly am blessed to be a primary teacher. I get the opportunity to help shape the minds of these kids and there is nothing more important than that. I get to help them understand the gospel and the scriptures and learn to love the gospel and scriptures. I get to help them know how much Heavenly Father and Jesus love them. And in turn I learn to love the gospel and the scriptures and I know how much Heavenly Father loves me because he lets me teach kids.


lmbrady said...

That's awesome sistah! Amen!
I love Primary too. mmmmmmmmmm, maybe someday!

Wendi said...

That was a great post. Those kids are lucky to have a teacher that cares as much as you obviously do. I also loved teaching the Book of Mormon to that same age group a few years ago. :)