Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gross, gross, gross

Have you ever done something that is just gross? I did yesterday. Here's how it went down.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to get ready for a shift in the E.R. All was well. I got on the subway and sat down and completely fell asleep (it is an hour and 45 minute commute after all). I wasn't feeling good, so I was more tired than normal because while I can doze off, I don't usually fall completely asleep. Anyway, I got to the hospital on time (I hate being late). I was sitting there talking to the attending and she was telling us how the resident had called at 7:30 to tell her he was going to be late for his shift that started at 7:30 (little punk). Anyway she said that she told him to take his time because she didn't want to smell him all day when he rushed and forgot to brush his teeth. Oh my gosh!! That's when it hit me - I forgot to brush my teeth. Yuck!! Suddenly I had visions of my patients passing out when I said hello to them and had to get close enough to use my stethoscope. I had visions of the attending saying "what is that smell?"

So what did I do you're asking yourself. Well I dug into my bag and pulled out some gum and promptly began chewing and wishing that my sweet mint gum had been powerful mint gum. After chewing some gum for a while I went to the restroom and rinsed my mouth then chewed some more gum. Good grief what can you do when you forgot to brush your teeth and you can't run to the store and buy a toothbrush? And not only that, but it's a 10 hour shift - good thing it wasn't a 12 hour shift.

So all day long I kept thinking about my teeth and how I'd love to brush them. On the way home from the hospital my frustration level grew as I waited for the subway because the longer the subway took, the longer I had to wait to brush my teeth. I walked into the door of my apartment and said to my roommate "you want to hear something gross?" She was a bit apprehensive since I've told her some gross stories. I told her MY story and then headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Just in case you're wondering - no I didn't have super bad breath or I may have brushed before I left for the day.

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lmbrady said...

I know labor and delivery hands out toothbrushes! Why not wander over there?!
That is gross!