Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mickey Mouse

We've lived in our apartment for almost 3 years now. And over those 3 years I think we've caught 3 or 4 mice. Mice are just something you deal with in the city and to only have 3 or 4 in 3 years is pretty good. Well that was until just recently. There was an old guy downstairs that died. He had lived there for probably 40 or 50 years, so as you can imagine there were a lot of creatures displaced when they started renovating his apartment. For some reason his displaced creatures decided that "up" was a good way to go, so they headed to the 4th floor.

One morning I was getting my backpack ready to head out to school. I went to pick it up off the floor by my bed and what do I see - a chewed up granola bar. Just shreaded the wrapper and went to town on the granola. Nice to know that the mice in New York enjoy granolad and not only that it was a Fiber One bar so that little mouse had some serious fiber intake for the night. Anyway, I cleaned up the granola all the while annoyed that the little creature had found his way into my bag and attacked a wrapped granola bar (I made the bad assumption that wrapper would deter).

Well a couple days later I was thinking about my little mouse experience and I thought to myself "I wonder if that little creature has found my chocolate stash in my dresser drawer." As my family is aware, and regularly makes fun of me for, I sometimes have a stash of chocolate in my drawer. This particular stash was some chocolate my dad had given me in January and it was in a ziplock bag. Well imagine my dismay when I opened the drawer to find that the dang little creature had indeed found his was into my stash. Now not only am I mad that it touched my clothes, but he ate MY CHOCOLATE!!!

So it's time to set some traps and get rid of the little creature. I bought some of those handy little snap traps and spent a Sunday evening setting them with my beloved chocolate (mice like chocolate - I know). I had lots of difficulty setting the traps. Everytime I'd get everything all set and I'd gently place the chocolate on it's little perch and SNAP! the thing would go off on my finger. Or I'd have the chocolate in place and set the snap thing and then as I was setting it down the chocolate would roll off the SNAP - on my fingers!! I had bruises on my finger and thumb the next day. Those things hurt!!

So after some pain and a long time I got the traps set. I decided two was good - I'd get him from either direction he came from.

The next morning I woke and moved my drawer so I could check the traps. What do I see? The dang little creature had stolen my chocolate and he didn't set off the trap. Don't ask me how I couldn't set the trap without snapping my fingers but the mouse could take my chocolate and it didn't snap him.

So I left the other trap which was primed and ready to snap (or so I thought) for the next night. In the middle of the night I was awakened by the snapping of the trap. Just in case you've never experienced this before, let me tell you it's a little difficult to sleep after you've awoken to the snap. You lie there wondering if the little creature is really caught and if it's icky or not and I certainly didn't want to jump right up and check the trap. I finally fell back to sleep and then next morning I woke to check my trap. What did I see? The dang little creature had stolen my chocolate, set off the trap and evaded capture (or death) by the trap.

Okay so now I'm mad. First the little creature steals my chocolate and completely escapes uncaptured, then he steals my chocolate and sets off the trap but again escapes capture. Mostly maybe I'm mad because he keeps stealing my chocolate!

So night three I was a determined woman. The dang creature had outwitted me twice already. So I put peanut butter on the trap and then chocolate on the peanut butter. That way when he was stealing the chocolate, my chocolate, he'd have to pull it off of the peanut butter and set off the trap. Presto!! Again I was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of snapping. It worked! But just by a nose - that's what got caught in the trap.
So that's what I saw in the morning when I moved my drawer to check the trap. Dang little creature! Now I had to clean him up which I have to say is just icky. This is my roommate Marin and you can see she's not too happy about her early morning greeting.

Marin and I usually do this type of thing together to give moral support (not that it happens a lot or anything). But when there have been little creatures to take care of, Marin and I have done it together (except the first time when Jared took care of it for us). Can't tell it from this pic but I really did need moral support.

While that may appear to be a normal smile (kinda), it's more a smile of fear and disgust, and the look of a woman who really doesn't want to clean up the mouse. Where is a man when I need one? So I decided it was less gross to pick up the trap then it was to scoot the dust pan under it's dead little body. I finally got him all scooped up and kept him at arms length while I took him out to the garbage closet in the hallway.

So that was in the morning and I got ready and left for work at the clinic. On my way home 10 hours later, I got a message from my roommate that another trap we had set snapped a mouse. Only this time he was messy and she called our home teacher to clean him up. We have a good home teacher. THEN a few days later another trap I had set snapped in the middle of the night and we caught another of Mickey's relatives.

Is that just gross or what!! I'm so tired of mice.

And so there you go... another New York City adventure.

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youngsters said...

That is just NASTY! For some reason it reminds me of all the mouse traps that the kids would have to put around Aunt Sharons house... lol lol I know weird memory.