Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Back!!!
Alright so my sister Lezlie has been hounding me to update my blog. I guess it has been a while. Interesting that it takes me months to update and it's not for a lack of things to blog - it's more a lack of time.

So here's the short update. I spent the month of August at home in Arizona. Quite enjoyed myself. Then the beginning of September I started my final semester of school. It's quite exciting and quite scary all at the same time. I very much enjoy taking care of kids, but the thought of doing it without the input of a preceptor really scares me. Hopefully I can find a job with doctors that will be patient and take time to teach me. In addition to starting my final semester, I started my final clinical assignment. I'm working in a local pediatric E.R. So far, so good. I'm pretty sure I'm going to come away with several illnesses passed along from the kids or some serious antibodies to the illnesses. Nothing like doing a rapid strep test on kids and having them gag and hack in your face while you try and swab their throat. Believe me it's not funner for me than it is for them.

So that's the quick update. Now for a fun little thing my roommate, a couple friends and I got to do. We got to go the the New York premiere of the movie "Forever Strong". The director of the movie is my brother-in-law Geoff's cousin. Geoff and Lezlie and my parents went to the premiere in Phoenix and my mom unwittingly invited my to the NYC premiere. Apparently after the movie they had a little question and answer session with Ryan Little, the director. Someone said something about a premiere in NYC and so afterward my mom went to talk to Ryan about where it was going to be and told him "I want my daugher to go see it". He said he had tickets to the premiere and that was that. My mom actually didn't intend to get me invited to the premiere she thought they were talking about the opening of the film. Anyway, Geoff arranged for us to be put on the guest list.

I've never been to an event where there was a red carpet (not really but there was some cameras and people) and guest list, and neither had my friends. We showed up at the hotel where they were showing the movie. There was acutally a guy who wasn't letting people pass unless they were on the guest list (I think they call that a bouncer). We were among that special group. So we went in and there was a little lounge area where people were chatting and having drinks. We chatted a bit and then I spotted Ryan. I went and introduced myself and he asked if I had been able to invite friends to which I replied yes and pointed them out. He graciously said he'd like to say hi to them and then went and chatted with my friends and I for quite a while. So then it was movie time. They had popcorn and a candy bar for us. YIPEE!! No over priced treats during this movie - it's all free! So we got our snacks and notice a tall, blonde girl (not me) stuffing her face with candy. It ended up being Blake Lively (from gossip girls). I had no clue who she was, but my friends did. Anyway funny to see some skinny little thang stuffing her face. Anyway, we watched the movie with most of the actors in the movie. The main character sat right in front of us with his date who had been poured into her dress and was pouring out the top. After the movie we were invited to the after party in a penthouse of a different hotel. We graciously declined since we all had to work the next day and it was already after 10:00 p.m. and we had an hour train ride home. But again we were talking with the director and told him we wanted to get pictures in front of the "Forever Strong" wall - you know like all the stars. He said "Oh yes we need pictures with these lovely ladies" and then proceeded to take pics with us and offered to take pics of us. And with that our New York City movie premiere night was done. We did quite enjoy ourselves.

And yes I'm quite aware that I look like a dork in my imitation of a superstar. Guess I better stick to being a nurse practitioner.

Oh and by the way you should go see the movie. It's a feel good kind.