Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's coming to an end...

...the semester that is. I'm such a happy happy girl. I finished my paper on methamphetamine and got rid of that black cloud hanging over my head. I finished 2 classes this past week and I have two more to go. I'll be in Arizona for vacation before I know it - I hope anyway.

So aside from that I have a few funny things to tell. One happened the other day at my Friday clinic. All day long they were testing the fire alarm system. That means that periodically during the day the alarm would sound and we'd have bright flashing lights. Not to scary until... I went to use the restroom. As I dropped my pants and got into air seat position there was a sudden flash of light. Of course my first thought wasn't about the fire alarm but more about that idea that some one just took a picture of me air seating over the pot. Took me a second to remember that it was the fire alarm test but it just about scared the pee out of me!

Next is actually from a few weeks ago, but kinda funny nonetheless. I've started playing volleyball at the YMCA that I work out at. Volleyball is Wednesday nights and it's mostly fun. I end up being the only girl most times playing with a bunch of Russian men and I've had work to get the guys to actually let me play. They're getting better and some of them are even getting friendly. So a few weeks ago I was playing and during a break between games I looked over at the door and saw this tiny woman and thought "she sure looks like Dr. Ruth" but I wasn't sure and none of the guys seemed to notice her (didn't cross my mind that they're Russian and probably don't know who she is). So I came home and asked Marin if Dr. Ruth was alive. Neither one of us knew so I did a Google search and found a biography page about her. After reading about all the teaching and such that she does at the bottom I saw a sentence about how she is on the board of directors for the Washington Heights YMCA. Yep you guessed it - that's my YMCA. The little midget woman in the doorway was indeed Dr. Ruth. That may be my celebrity sighting for this year.

My old roommate Julie came to town for a few days to visit. She and I had the pleasure of walking through Central Park on Saturday. Yes indeed we walked the park end to end and it truly was a pleasure. Not only was it beautiful but it was nice to not worry about school (although I do have tests to study for).

Oh goodness I'm sure I had other things that I wanted to tell you all but I can't remember. I think my brain has gone on vacation already. So I guess that's it until next time.