Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Watch out for the crack

Like myself, I'm sure many of you have experienced seeing the plumber's crack. It can be humorous or pretty dang scary depending on the situation. For instance, when my little 6 year old niece Cody bends over and her little crack pops out, it's funny. On the other hand, when a rather large man who is working on your house bends over, this goes in the pretty dang scary category. Now that I've got that all cleared up, think about the times when you've seen the crack. Usually associated with blue collar type jobs - right? Has something to do with the tool belt wrapped around the waist? Not so!!! No, apparently the plumbers crack has found it's way into the hospital in the form of a physician assistant. Imagine my surprise when I showed up at my 3rd new clinical site and was greeted by bum cheek. Yes indeed! The fellow has a belly that prevents him from actually tying his scrubs the way he should. This results in them slipping down and revealing "the crack". All day long I'd turn around to do something and there it was - the crack - looking at me over the top of his scrubs. My goodness!! And to answer the burning question in your mind - YES! it is scary!

And with that you've now been let in on a little known secret - the crack can creep up on you anywhere.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My life as a comedy

Alright so I bet you've just been dying to know how my first week of school was. Well let me tell you it was rough stuff.

My program director has kindly made it so that all of our classes through the entire program are on Thursdays. Pretty nice huh. It makes it easy to make plans to take off for weekends and such. Except that this semester my Thursdays are going to be marathon days. Here's how it goes: class starts at 9 am and lasts until noon, then I run over to the hospital real quick to do 4 hours in the pulmonary clinic (should be an interesting clinical experience), then at 4 pm I run back to school for class that starts at 4 pm and lasts until 6:30, at 6:30 my last class starts and lasts until 7:30. Doesn't that sound like a pleasure. And where, you ask, do I have time to eat lunch, dinner or pee. I figure I'll live on slimfast shakes and power bars since they can be eaten on the go. Needless to say, Thursday was a pretty overwhelming day. The good thing is that at the beginning of every semester so far I've had a hard time seeing how I was going to do all that I had to do, but in the end I've always gotten it done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my prayers and yours keep working.

During my Christmas break I told some of you that I didn't know if I'd be able to take a spring break. I've changed that and now I've decided that I AM taking a spring break no matter what. I may even purchase my ticket sometime soon so that I really have something to look forward to. I love working toward the next vacation. And the next few vacations are spring break, last 2 weeks of May and the whole month of August. Arizona here I come!!! When I think of it that way, it seems that the year will move pretty quickly.

So now are you wondering why I've titled this post "My life as a comedy"? Well let me tell you it's because of my clinical. I've decided that my life would make a great comedy if they showed what I do but the words were what I was thinking. On Friday I went to another of my new clinical assignments. I walked into the clinic and asked for my preceptor. He wasn't in yet so they told me to have a seat and wait. As I turned to sit down I made the observation that the waiting room - which was mostly full - was full of young men. I'm thinking "hmm that's interesting I wonder where the girls are". After a few minutes I was told to go back to where the exam rooms were to meet my preceptor. Very nice man that I get to work with. He then gave me the run down of the clinic. He told me that on Fridays, the clinic was just for young men. I was smiling as I was thinking "WHAT!?!? that means that the only exams I'm going to be doing is with young men - AHHHHH!!!!" Imagine my relief when he told me that we have a specialty population that will include girls. What kind of crazy finds relief in the probability of doing pelvic exams when I've never done them before? I suppose that's one way to make me more comfortable with it. There's a reason I decided on pediatrics and it wasn't because it included all this although I knew I'd have to do some of it. Hello!!! Anyway during the rest of my day I had the experience of doing exams and appearing professional while thinking "I'm a nice Mormon girl!! I shouldn't be doing this." It makes me wonder what look I have on my face. I'm pretty sure I don't have a good poker face. Imagine if the person doing your exam had a look of fear on her face and her eyes looked like they may pop out of her head. My poor patients. Good grief!!!!!!! I won't be posting specifics about what I do, however, if you're curious and you ask, I may tell. I got to do my first PPD test on Friday. Now I'm a pro - anybody want one? I haven't stuck someone with a needle for a long time and I feel kinda bad for these people that I've trying stuff out on. I even told my preceptor, with the patient sitting right there, that I had never done a PPD and the patient still agreed to let me do it. Just wait for the first time I do an injection in somebody's bum cheek. I'll have all kinds of firsts at this clinic.

So now it's on to the adventures of next week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome back to New York

I decided that since this is my last year in NYC I should write some of my adventures. This way you can kind of experience it with me but I can also look back and maybe have another laugh, cry or rant. I'll share my experiences at school, home, neighborhood, church, you know - life in general. By the way, feel free to comment on whatever you like. I like the idea of this being a sort of conversation.

So what better way to start it then with my welcome back to the neighborhood. I've been in Arizona for a month and thoroughly enjoyed my time. Yesterday morning after I got back, it was a beautiful, clear, cold day (34 degrees) and I decided it was perfect for a run. I don't LOVE living in the cold but it has it's benefits and running on a day like yesterday was definitely one of the benefits. It was exhilarating!! One of those days that motivates you to do more. So, I've decided to run a marathon by the end of the year. Anyone want to join me in training/running? I'm thinking of doing the one in Logan since it's in September. I thought about the one in St. George, but it's the weekend I'll be volunteering for the breast cancer walk here. See I'm already feeling motivated, I'm off to a good start with my return to NYC.

Then, later in the day yesterday, I went to Target to get some groceries and such. As I was gathering my bags to leave there was a man a little ways behind me gathering his bags. A woman, who looked liked she'd been around the block and time or twenty, walked up to him and asked if he was married. He said no and she said "you want to go party baby?" Naturally that put a smile on his face and he kindly told her no. She walked off to find another unsuspecting victim. Hmmm interesting to hear someone propositioned in the entryway to Target in the middle of the afternoon. I think that might be something I only experience here - at least I hope so. Come on baby let's go!!!! (shimmy shimmy)

And now I'm at today. I went to our local YMCA today to work out. Marin and I joined last summer and I really like going there. It's one of those places where people know your name - at least they do if you go often enough. Anyway Cliff is the security guard who greets us when we check in. Said my hellos to Cliff and went to sweat my guts out. Had a good workout and did indeed sweat my guts out and was on my way home. Now I have to explain a bit about the street we have to walk on to get to and from the YMCA. It's not a nice street. It's a filthy street with mostly apartment buildings except for the bodegas on the corners. There are usually guys hanging out in front of the buildings and I've seen drug deals going down on the corner. I do get nervous walking on that street if it's dark. So anyway, I was walking home and saw a couple of gang bangers standing on the corner a ways up the street. And as I walked closer my thinking went something like this "I wonder if they're fighting. I wonder if one of them is going to pull a gun or knife. I wonder if I'll see another drug deal". Thankfully they were not fighting, no weapons were pulled and no drugs were exchanged. As I got closer they separated a bit to let me pass between them and as I passed one of them said "God bless you gorgeous!" And with that I feel welcomed back to my neighborhood. I'm not sure what is gorgeous about a sweaty girl with her hair pulled back in a ponytail and no make-up on but whatever. I know it's because I'm a tall, blonde in a hispanic neighborhood but I'm surprised at how bold the men are. It makes me chuckle everytime that happens. I'm not sure I should say anything to the gang bangers but usually I smile and say thank you. I suppose it couldn't be all bad to make friends with the local gang bangers. I do like my neighborhood though and if I ever need an ego boost I just go take a walk. I once was asked to dance by a guy on the sidewalk, I had a guy on the subway ask me out to dinner, and my all time favorite is when a guy in a van pulled over to the side of the road and yelled out "God bless your parents!" How could you not laugh at that?

Anyway I feel welcomed back to NYC and my neighborhood. Now we'll see how my welcome goes at school tomorrow. Yowza!!